About Us

Counting on 16 years of constructive experience in the advertising
, having worked for major and well established advertising
agencies, where valuable knowledge and know-how in graphic arts
and design, as well as project management, have been gained, we
have decided to follow a new route by establishing our own
advertising and creative agency, Design4U.

Driven by our passion for graphic design and advertising, being
equally eager and enthusiastic after all these years, and motivated by
our experience, reliability and an inherent tendency to view things
differently, we are more than capable of successfully promoting your
needs through creative and imaginative solutions, that fully meet
today’s standards.

Design, creation and complete communication and promotion
solutions in the areas of printed matter and advertisement.

Since when?
“The last 16 years”


“Because this is our passion!”

Our philosophy?
“Imaginative thinking, variation, different point of view»

For whom?
“For all of you who seek effective and targeted promotion and communication solutions”

Our motto?
“Fully meeting your needs with accuracy and creative spirit”